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City of Edinburgh Council: Cobble Relaying

Lifting and relaying old cobbles in Dalry, Edinburgh.

Throwback to some works we undertook on behalf of CEC where we were lifting and relaying old Edinburgh cobbles within Dalry.

The small side road had suffered heavily due to HGV delivery vehicles with various sinking issues, broken cobbles, lying water & many trip hazards, we were tasked to lift the affected areas, clean the blocks and relay them. sounds easy enough, however, the blocks had received small repairs throughout the years, where bitumen, asphalt, concrete, grout & sand/cement had been used, the cleaning job was gruelling and piecing a 600m2 jigsaw back together was no easy task.

We took a drive by these works recently, nearly 4 years later & the road is still as solid as we left it.

Not only did the team work efficiently, we assisted the local residents and businesses with their daily requirements, whether it was taking the bins out to the main road, helping with vulnerable people; installing ramps, moving TM; discussing the residents’ needs throughout the project implicating solutions before the could become an issue.


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