Crummock were awarded the contract to act as subcontractors to BAM Nuttall in relation to the construction of two new sections of carriageway as part of the Borders Rail Project, which also included a roundabout and associated carriageway works at Shawfair Park and Ride, Edinburgh.

As part of the Borders Rail Development, due to the layout of the existing road network, realignment of either the proposed new railway line or the existing carriageway was required in the area passing through Millerhill/ Shawfair.  The most economic option was realignment of the exisiting carriageway and a new road layout was therefore formed which involved construction of a new roundabout on the A6106 and two new sections of carriageway extending to 2,000 linear metres (RP13) and 700 linear metres (RP15) to the east and west of the new roundabout, with associated footpaths and street lighting.

The carriageway and footway had to be constructed to adoptable standards by Midlothian Council.  As part of their requirements the kerb construction involved installing a kerblog and placing the new kerb on top.  Crummock came up with the timber system which allowed us to speed up the process of installing the kerblog which resulted in the whole kerb construction being completed ahead of schedule.

All materials generated on site were reused on site in areas of embankment.  Once the full earthworks were completed, this material was shaped and profiled in the embankment along either side of the carriageway to act as a sound buffer for the surrounding area.

As an indication of innovation of our service delivery, at the beginning of 2013, Crummock introduced a process with Midlothian Council to seek feedback from them on completion of works.  The Contractor Scorecard enables the Council to rate Crummock against over twelve criteria including for example; Traffic/ Pedestrian Management, Surfacing Quality and Site Safety.  This feedback is important to Crummock as it enables us to improve the services we offer.  This process has now been introduces with all our clients.