The project involved a new area in Midlothian being developed for extensive private housing to the North East of Loanhead, adjacent to the busy Straiton Retail Park.

Our contract as Principal Contractor involved the construction of infrastructure works for the development of housing which was to follow.  Works included bulk earthworks, construction of a new 1,000m carriageway, swales, associated footpaths, street lighting, road drainage, installation of a pre-cast concrete culvert, a puffin crossing, new roundabout construction to the east side and re-alignment of an existing roundabout to the west side at the access to Straiton Retail PArk, traffic management and road markings, all to adoptable standard.

To ensure that the future housing development could proceed and our client could maximise the sale of plots to house developers, we had to install ducting to house power lines which were being converted from overhead lines to underground lines.  We therefore co-ordinated our works with Scottish Power to facilitate this move.  This resulted in the new power cables being re-positioned to avoid the area zoned for development.

The area to be developed consisted of open fields adjacent to the main road serving the village of Loanhead and directly opposite Straiton Retail Park. A pre-start meeting was held with the client's Project Manager to identify prime concerns and key dates and Crummock prepared a Programme for the works with clear timescales and sequence of works.  Crummock also provided a traffic management plan clearly identifying the various TM layouts at different stages of the works.

The ground conditions were extremely challenging as the silty clay soil would turn to mush if open to wet weather.  This was identified early in the project during the installation of drainage and so the programme was amended to ensure alternative works were available for the site resources during wet weather.  Other precautions were implemented on site including installing a geotextile separation membrane and immediately covering formation with a layer of sub-base.  All excavated materials were dressed and compacted to effectively seal them against excessive rain penetration.

Crummock were working on the Edinburgh Trams project at the same time and had identified a site in Leith where all arisings (concrete slabs, kerbs, foundations etc) were crushed and processed along with road planings into 6F2 capping material.  This material was transported the short distance across the city to this site and used within the redbox formation.  All of which was carried out with the full support and approval of SEPA for the reduction of waste going to landfill thereby avoiding the necessity for purchasing virgin quarry materials.

Crummock took the lead in design team meetings to ensure critical dates were reached and subsequently installed the ducting for the high voltage cables which involved setting up temporary traffic diversion on the very busy adjacent road to Pentland Retail Park to enable specialist Scottish Power contractors and their plant to undertake the cable diversion.

This roadway, since named Edgefield Relief Road, would be adopted by Midlothian Council and Crummock dealt directly with the Roads Authority to organise stage inspections as well as Road Opening Permits etc. necessary for the tie-ins and alterations to the Edgefield Road Roundabout which feeds the Retail Park.  Continuous communications with the Roads Inspector resulted in a smooth adoption process at the end of the works.

This was Crummock's first contract with this private developer and they were delighted that the works were completed on time and within their budget.  They were particularly impressed with the flexibility of our approach to complete certain areas by specific dates and our management of the road adoption process with very little input from them.  Since this contract we have carried out further works for this client and appear to be the first point of contact when they are considering further schemes.

The works had the potential to severely affect the traders in the Pentland Retail Park and particularly the work to widening the existing roundabout at it's entrance while tying in the new road.  With Crummock having it's own surfacing division, integrating surfacing operations into the overall works could be planned to minimise disruption to traffic and have the permanent works completed efficiently and open to traffic.