Crummock were appointed as Principal Contractors to heritage property developer City & Country, for the construction of two reinforced concrete car parks to the west and east of the main listed building, in this city centre location.  The building is being converted to residential apartments and underground car parks have been designed to accommodate resident’s vehicles.

Over 30,000m3 of earth was removed from site prior to the construction of the car parks.  Two underground car parks of total area 5,700m2, incorporating over 4,500m3 of concrete, were constructed simultaneously, saving the client time and money, by reducing the programme by 20 weeks.  Extensive traffic and pedestrian management was developed by Crummock to ensure a safe environment for other contractors and trades working on site at the same time and who had to cross a haul road between the car parks.  Following completion of the car parks, hard landscaping will take place, programmed for completion the summer of 2017.

Normal construction of underground car parks uses a waterproof sheet membrane to protect the concrete from water ingress.  Crummock suggested as an alternative, a waterproof spray applied directly to the concrete.  This was accepted by the client and it reduced the cost and timescales to complete the work.  We also suggested to the client that we construct both car parks simultaneously, rather than one at a time as in their original plan.  This was accepted and in doing so we reduced the programme by 20 weeks, saving the client time and money.

During the concrete pour stages, which were scheduled for the autumn and winter months, the weather was a risk.  Inclement weather was overcome by using tented areas to keep rain water off the concrete pour and blower heaters were used to ensure that the temperature was correct.  Due to the city centre nature of the site, Crummock was aware of the potential to disturb residential neighbours and therefore noise baffles were used and during the winter months, light shielding was used during dark hours so as not to disturb residents.  This also enabled Crummock to extend the working hours to reduce the programme.

The site has multiple contractors and tradesmen working on it at the same time.  Therefore the movement of plant, vehicles and people was a major risk.  In collaboration with the developer, Crummock developed a traffic management plan to ensure the safety of all people.