Crummock were awarded the contract by BAM Construction to prepare the site for Ineo's Headquarters in Scotland.  Crummock undertook the concrete works for the foundations and concrete floor slabs to the building frame.

The works involved site clearance, excavation and construction of new building foundations, drainage, car park construction, access road and surrounding area soft landscaping.  Over 9,000m2 of concrete foundations and floor slabs were laid.  New paving slabs were also laid and as part of the SUDs strategy, permeable mono-block was also laid throughout the car park.  The car park and access road was asphalt surfaced by Crumock.  The project commenced in winter and Crummock had tight timescales to meet, for example, to tie in with a separate contractor who was scheduled to erect the steel frame of the building.  To mitigate risk from the construction phase programme, we wrote a dewatering plan, which was approved by SEPA, to ensure that the ground conditions remained sufficiently dry to pour concrete.

Crummock assisted in the design and installation of a bespoke concrete raft to support a 4metre deep drainage system that was to be laid in soft and tidally effected ground conditions.  This enabled the pipe to be installed at depth and covered with backfill material without deflection.

We also saved the customer a substantial amount of money on mono-block as the designers had specified mono-block which could only be procured from Ireland.  Crummock suggested an equivalent product procured from a supplier in the local town.  The works were completed on time and to budget and there were no outstanding works on completion.