Nowadays, and in an effort to rejuvenate the high street, significant effort is focused on forming the character of the environment and not just on the practicalities.  This is done by careful consideration of the visual elements of a street, including the road, footpaths, street furniture, trees, planters and open spaces, etc.

Material choice is a fundamental decision and often high quality natural stone products replace the mainstream surface material, with for example, complimenting colours defining pedestrian or traffic areas.  High quality workmanship is essential in achieving the desired end-result.

The services we provide are:
Paving (natural stone flags, precast concrete flags, granite or whin setts, concrete or clay block paving, kerbs and edging), Footpaths (asphalt and decorative coloured asphalt products, resin-based surfacing, rubberised surfacing, decorative gravels), Drainage (gullies, channel systems, slot-drains), Lighting (ground/ low/ medium/ high level, decorative, SON/ LED), Fencing (timber, wrought iron, galvanised steel), Furniture (seating, litter bins, decorative features).

Below are some examples of our work in Public Realm and hard landscaping: